Sunday, 11 October 2015

Free Slipper Boots Crochet Pattern

Adorable Slipper Boots (Crochet)

My first crochet slipper boots!  

Here is the free pattern by Bernat to these super adorable slipper boots:

Free Slipper Boot Pattern

This was the most challenging project I have done so far and although I pulled a lot of hair out and used a few choice words I must say I feel pretty proud of myself. 

It's all worth it :)

Free Strawberry Crochet Dish Cloth Pattern

Strawberry Crochet Dishcloth

On first impression this pattern was a funny looking strawberry to me but now it has become a favorite in our home.  The design is super easy to hold and the little green stem doubles up as a scrubber.

We had a lot of country red Bernat yarn left over from our apple crochet dish cloths and wanted to try something new and different.

The strawberry pattern is free from Bernat. This is the link:

It's the Berries Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Here

The best part of this pattern is there are no seed embellishments to add,  I'm thinking of experimenting with hot pink and green yarn next. 

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Free Crochet Placemats & Tea Cozy Pattern

Crochet Placemats & Tea Cozy

The inspiration for these placemats came from the Bernat Eco-Kitchen collection. 

I absolutely fell in love with these placemats especially the little pocket for silverware but there was one slight problem - I can't knit. Believe me I have tried many times and it's not happening.   I found a similar crochet stitch and simply recreated the pattern from the drawstring tea cozy I had just crocheted the week before.

Free Tea Cozy Pattern here from Ravelry.

Our children make fun of me because I won't let them eat off of them everyday. 

Our kitty loves to crochet too!

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Free Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern

Heart Pillow (Crochet) 

A crochet pillow is a really neat idea to use up that little bit of extra yarn that is usually left over from blankets.  I generally make pot holders and dish cloths but this time I decided to get creative for my daughter's birthday present to make it extra special.

After an extensive search the best heart pattern I could find online is by "Loops & Threads".  The pattern specified for fashion fun fur but I didn't have any so I doubled up with two strands of yarn and it worked out just fine.  This pattern is super easy to follow. I filled mine with acrylic pellets and stuffing.

This pillow and blanket will sure to be an heirloom in our family.  The blanket was crocheted using lines of every stitch I have learned over the years including the popcorn stitch.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful darling daughter!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cross Stitch on Crochet Free Horse Pattern

Cross Stitch on Crochet Projects

Well, if you are anything like me the Fall season is absolutely the best time to learn a new craft.  The children are back-to-school and the wind is starting up and I can't forget the rain my goodness we live on the west coast. Today I'm super excited to share my latest discovery which has been done many times but it's new to me...cross stitching on crochet! 

Our family loves the homey look of cross stitch and crochet

Getting started is easy if you know the basics, if not, here is a fantastic free tutorial link to get you started:

 Free cross stitch on crochet tutorial 

The horse pattern pictured above is by Paton's Beehive.  If you are interested in trying it out the pattern is below:

A quick search online gave me a few really good patterns I plan to try soon.

As you can see our daughters are crazy about horses. I chose the running horse pattern because it reminded me of the applique my daughters tee.

My youngest.

My oldest.

The backs of the projects will show with cross stitch so I thought it best to embellish pillows or pot holders.  My mind is racing with ideas for Christmas projects mainly UNICORNS! 

Good luck with your project and feel free to share it with us on our face book page here!