Sunday, 17 November 2013

Clothespin Reindeer Pin or Magnet {Craft}

Here's another simple kid-friendly reindeer clothespin craft for the holidays!

We plan to craft a few with magnets glued on the back and the rest will have pins.    

Clothespins (painted or natural), glue, scissors, magnets or pins, googly eyes, pom-pom's and decorations.

Turn the clothespin upside-down and glue on the eyes, nose, decorations and backing.  It's that simple! 

These cute little clothespin reindeer's would make easy last-minute gift tags! Pin to scrap card stock or write the recipients name vertically on the antlers.

What are you planning for holiday crafts? Have you started decorating yet?  Feel free to share your projects and head on over to our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them! 

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