Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Chalkboard Paint Story Stones D.I.Y.

Today my kids painted stones with chalkboard paint.  Now they are chalking images on the rocks (animals, weather, things, etc.) to keep the magic of storytelling fresh with their own story stones.

We placed the painted rocks in a shallow bowl in the center of our kitchen table with a few pieces of chalk.  Everyday the kids stories grow and change. 

When crafting story stones we prefer to find and clean our own rocks.  So far, the best place we have found is near the banks of a creek.  

We wade up the creek and even climb over obstacles until we find what we are looking for.  It's our natural playground! 

Creek stones clean and drying.

It's important to look for rocks that are small enough for little hands and big enough to handle a piece of chalk. The local dollar store and craft suppliers sell bags of decorative rocks fairly cheap if the creek isn't an option.

 Next we give the stones a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, lay them to dry and let the creativity flow!


My darling daughter left this stone for me before going to school this morning. 

Feel free to share your project's on our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them!

Happy storytelling!


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