Saturday 24 August 2013

Duct Tape Sparkler Pencil BTS Craft

by Emily
While shopping for back to school supplies my mom picked up some super cheap 25 cent packages of pencils. My sister, Claire and I jazzed them up by recycling gift bags and a bit of duct tape.
Supplies: Duct tape, ruler, gift bags or scrap paper and pencils.

Cut pieces of gift bag or paper into 1 cm strips.

Lie the strips flat on the duct tape sticky side and fringe the top edge like in the next photo. 

Roll the duct tape around your pencil.  My sister glued googly eyes and buttons on hers.

We originally found this idea as a 4th of July Wooden Skewer Sparkler on Sophie's World.  We thought they would look fab as pencil topper's!
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