Thursday, 15 August 2013

Melted Bead Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher

Melting Pony Beads is a great craft activity for older kids. Okay,  mom too!

This was our first attempt. We are learning as we go and have a few things to share with all you folks wanting to give it a try.

First you need a whole lot of pony beads.   

 I was a bit apprehensive about using bake ware we cook with everyday so we used old stuff. However, wax paper can stick and without it the ponies pick up goop. Still thinking about this...

In the meantime, we went ahead and baked one layer of beads at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.  This was perfect timing for the larger sized beads but too long for the smaller jewellery designs -- they burnt in spots.

The baking smell was very noticeable even with the fan and all the windows open.  Next time, I will try this project outside in a toaster oven.

To achieve a faux stain glass look we outlined the colours with simulated liquid leading.  It was our first time using it and we were a little shaky.  But with a little bit of practise it was easier and even fun. 
Too much glitter? No worries, the glitter washed right off and we redid them!

We plan to wire these bead melts up as Suncatcher's and come the holidays we will have some ornaments for the tree!

This activity was first seen on The Artful Parent and we simply added the liquid leading. 
Update: we tried this activity again and have some more tips and an Artsy Bowl
Feel free to share your project photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!

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