Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Handmade Sidewalk Chalk Craft

Summer break is almost over ! We could not let it go by without making our own sidewalk chalk.  These brightly coloured chalks were incredibly easy to make with just 3 ingredients and they work amazingly well.

We mixed one small tube of watercolour paint with 1:3 ratio of water to Plaster of Paris (give or take a little) and a good squirt of neon food colouring just to be sure  (balloons were used for a different freeform sculpture experiment).

Lumpy, slightly wet consistency

Chalk mixture scooped and packed into a toilet paper roll

Chalk in various cookie cutters drying in the sun

We were really excited and started drawing with the green and orange chalk after about an hour. Next time we will wait a few hours (even overnight) as they were a bit soft and the orange broke in half. 

The kids were happily "unplugged" crafting the chalk and playing with it outside for most of the day.  Water balloons were filled and aimed at a chalk drawn bulls-eye, self portrait shadows were created and even some chalk water painting. 

The paint and dye in the chalk washed away instantly with the water balloons leaving no stain on the pavement. 

Next summer we plan to craft our chalk with fruit & veggie natural dyes instead of the food colouring and water paints.   Two mom's from Wee Can Too make it and sell it safe enough to almost eat!

Please feel free to share your recipes and photo's on our Facebook Page We would love to see them!

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