Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Older Kids Jewellery D.I.Y.

My oldest daughter outgrew making alphabet bracelets this year and was into friendship bracelets overnight. This summer it's micro macramé hemp jewellery.

Making jewellery is a another great way we have found to connect and spend  time together.  A craft takes the focus off of each other and we are on equal grounds.  I had to relearn a few knots from as far back as elementary school in the 70's!

To make this hobby more affordable because the precious gems can really add up we buy jewellery from a thrift store. We take it apart and make our own hip creations.

Recently we tried melting pony beads to create pretty pendants like this one from  One Crafty Mama.

After baking the beads for 25 minutes at 400 degrees our first melted pony beads were ready for the drill! We left them cooling in the oven past the 25 minutes and they burnt in places -- nothing a little nail polish can't fix!  We will try doing this again but outside in a toaster oven due to the smell.

 Tip: metallic beads do not melt at the same speed as the plastic pony beads.
Next we plan to paint some old costume jewellery with nail polish art.  You can read more about our melted pony bead experience here and here.
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