Monday, 26 August 2013

Zoo Sticks D.I.Y. Chopstick Craft

by Claire

Just the other day, my sister and I were happy to see our favourite Zoo Sticks listed on What's in My Therapy Box?: 60+ Supplies for School-Based OT by Mama OTWe were even more excited to find out how to make our own set of kiddie chop stix. 

Eating with chopsticks is educational and fun.  We are learning skills we need for writing and scissoring.


We gathered up the supplies for the D.I.Y. Kiddie Chop Stix craft which included a medium sized elastic band, scrap paper, chopsticks and duct tape.

Part 1

Step 1: Draw your animal shape or use a stencil

Step 2: Turn your paper over and stick duct tape over the drawing.

Step 3: Flip your paper back over to the drawn shape and cut it out.
Step 4: Make it two-sided by sticking duct tape to the other side  and cut around again. Set aside.
Part 2

Step 1: Wrap duct tape around the top of the chopsticks (optional).
Step 2: Fold a piece of scrap paper up small. Wrap it in duct tape to make it more water resistant.
Step 3: Sandwich the paper between the chopsticks and wrap the elastic around the paper.  Wrap the rest of the elastic above the paper.

Step 4: Duct tape your animal shape to the top of the chopsticks.

 Have some fun picking up items or try nibbling a snack with your new do-it-yourself zoo sticks!
Left: Zoo Sticks Right D.I.Y. 
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