Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tin Can Stilts Craft

Ah, it was a resourceful kind of morning. With back to school just around the corner the kids were happy to hang around the house.  We had some old fashioned playtime by balancing on tin can stilts and chalking random pieces of art with handmade sidewalk chalk.  
We made the stilts out of recycled coffee cans and simply fed a skipping rope through a punctured hole.  The kids decorated the tin cans with craft foam, fashion coloured duct tape and Sharpie pens.
Yoga Tree!

 We discovered tuna cans work better for the younger crowd.  Shoes and a helmet are always a good idea.

By the end of the morning most of the neighbourhood kids were sporting a pair of tin can stilts.  I think they liken the "tall walk" to  high heeled stiletto's...so not ready for that!

Three cheers for "Tin Can Stilts" for providing physical exercise, a craft and recycling!

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