Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Para Cord Belt Older Kids Tutorial

by Emily
His and Her's Para Cord Belts

Hello, it's Christmas in August at our house! Today my sister and I  are sharing with you how to braid para cord using a four strand technique called "Sennit" to make belts.

All you need is a binder clip, para cord and lots of patience!

We started by cutting two strands of para cord to measure 28 feet each (adults) or 20 to 22 feet (child). The whole idea of parachute cord accessories is to have cord available for survival so this amount of cord ought to come in handy.
Fasten the two strands (we used pink and purple) flat with a binder clip in the center of the two cords. Basically, you are going to take turns switching the left and right outer cords with the farthest middle cord as shown in the next 2 steps.
Step 1 Wrap the right (pink) under the two middle purple cords and back over the left purple. Slowly tighten up the twist keeping the cords in the same position.
Step 2  Carry the left (pink) cord under the two middle (pink and purple) cords and wrap it over the outer middle pink cord.
This is how a round of step 1 and 2 should look when you are done.
Repeat the 2 steps until you reach the length you want. Tie a knot and leave some cords to strand through the beginning loop. Ask an adult to melt the ends of the para cord with a lighter.
This will be a really nice fashionable belt but for our dad we will make the belt more rugged using 8 strands of para cord and the same 2 step's we used above:

Step 1

Step 2

It feels good to have a couple of Christmas presents ready. Next we will try our hands at braiding a colourful para cord rug so please check back for more fun!

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