Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wooden Block Elf on a Shelf Craft

Many years ago, my daughter purchased this adorable vintage wooden block elf ornament from a Retro Christmas Bazaar. Now she is old enough to hand-craft her own alphabet elves for her very first craft fair this month.

Craft along with us...


Red and Green felt, wooden balls, beads or Styrofoam, wooden alphabet blocks (we happen to have them around the house otherwise the dollar store, toy store or even thrift stores sell them),  pom-poms, hot glue, ribbon, black and pink Sharpie pens, scissors, embroidery floss.

Step 1 
Cut shapes to desired length and add pom-poms for feet and hands. The hat is made from a half circle shape.
Step 2 
Cut the arm felt strips long enough to lay across the top of the blocks.
Step 3 
Glue a collar shape over the arm strip.

  The wooden beads came with faces already painted. Nice.

Step 4 
Glue face on top of collar felt shape (any colour).

When we ran out of the painted balls we used a Sharpie pen and very carefully drew faces on the wood.  Mistakes were covered up with eyelashes.

Face Ideas

Step 5 
The girls were all given some locks of hair.  

Step 6
Glue hat and pom-pom on faces and add a ribbon or a little bell as a final touch.

The hats were threaded just below the pom-pom to hang as ornaments on the Christmas tree. 

We are having a ton of fun placing the elves (legs-a-dangling) around the house much like the "Elf On A Shelf" that is so popular today.

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