Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chalkboard Paint Christmas Ornaments {Craft}

Over the past few months, we've covered story stones, rockswooden blocks and elves with chalkboard paint so I'm surprised we didn't think of this one sooner....

Chalkboard Paint Personalized Christmas Balls!

Craft along with us!
Materials: chalkboard spray paint, skewers, Christmas balls, rubber gloves, garbage bag or newspaper.

1. Gently remove the metal clips off the top of the balls. 
2. Place a ball upside down on a wooden skewer. We dug the skewer straight up into the ground after poking them through a garbage bag.

If outside isn't an option the tin can method in step 4 works but will leave a small drip mark or bubble on the underside of the ball.
3. Spray paint the ball above a cardboard box, newspaper or a garbage bag. 

4. Let dry for a bit on the sticks either in the ground or in a weighted down tin can. We gave them an hour but it was cold outside. 
5. Put the metal clips back on the top of the balls and decorate with ribbon.

6. It's chalk time -- we personalized a few with names and wrote inspirational words on the rest. Some ideas include "JOY", "BELIEVE", "PEACE".

Emily is touching up a few fingerprints in this photo.  

The first round we didn't wear gloves and our hands were absolutely covered in black chalkboard paint.  To get the spray paint off of our skin we used body lotion and a dry paper towel.  Cooking oil mixed with dish soap eventually got the rest of the paint off after a few scrubs as well.

If you aren't too fussy about the metal clip an easier method is too hang the ornaments from a stick or a broom outside and spray paint away. We ended up trying this method for the last few balls and we were thrilled with the results -- no mess or need for gloves even!


My daughter Claire and her dear friend sold out their chalkboard paint creations at our local school craft fair today!  They learned Marketing 101 hands-on and had a blast!


What are you planning for holiday recipes? Have you started decorating yet?  Feel free to share your projects and head on over to our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them! 

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