Friday, 16 August 2013

D.I. Y. Wikki or Bendaroo String Art

by Emily

This sticky string art project was fun and educational using our fine motor and math skills.   We grabbed our handmade Wikki or Bendaroo's but store bought stuff works good too!

All you need is a cork board (we glued two together for extra thickness), white paper, push pins or small nails, a dot-to-dot, and wikki or bendaroo's.  

We did this project with scraps of yarn as well. Both string art projects follow the same instructions just add paper if using the sticky yarn. 

String Art cork board and push pins!  

 We can reuse these supplies over and over and the cost was under $3.00.


We pulled a dot-to-dot template from TLC Family & Kids Crafts and used it as a pattern!

That was so fun we did another one!

Happy stringing!

Feel free to share your project photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!


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