Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Kids Batik Glue Art Tee's

Wearable Batik Art is awesome year-round but there is something special about painting in the outdoors and drying the shirts in the summer sun that we love. 

To achieve this Batik style we used the idea of blue glue gel from Kid World Citizen.  It's similar to the traditional method of hot wax.


Step 1. Slip a piece of cardboard inside the fabric and draw your design directly on the tee with blue glue gel (we tried white on one tee and it disappeared too quickly). Let dry as long as possible. We were impatient and started painting while the glue wasn't dry causing a few smudges. 

blue gel glue (left)

Step 2. Now add paint to your glue design. We used acrylic paint but I recommend watering it down a teensy bit as it was thick and hard to work with for younger kids. Too much water and you will have a watercolour effect. For an even softer tee use fabric paint.

Step 3. Let dry (a day or overnight).

Step 4. Completely cover tee with warm water and soak in a bowl overnight to get the glue off. Wring out and hang to dry.

A flour & water mixture works as well as the blue glue. You can read the details at Spoonful.   Good when making more then a few tee's as we used about 2 bottles of glue today!

Feel free to share your project photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!


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