Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Crochet Apple Dishcloths and Stamps

The apple dishcloth pattern from Michael's Arts & Crafts is my all time favourite. I absolutely love it so much I have it completely memorized and never tire of the pattern! It's an easy level even my children can do and the shaping makes it a fancy gift everyone loves receiving. 

Sharing the love: Free Crochet Apple Pattern

 Today, I purchased an apple print tea towel at a local coffee shop.  It goes perfectly with my favourite dishcloth! Sadly, it was the last one which gave me the idea to craft our own apple stamps to decorate tea towels, aprons, totes, and wrapping paper to go with the cloths.

Crafting our own apple stamp was easier then I expected.  I sliced an apple and let it dry for a bit. My daughter, Emily squirted deep red acrylic paint on the apple slice giving it a swirl to cover the whole apple surface and then she pressed it firmly on the canvas. 

One apple stamped canvas apron drying in the sunshine.  This particular apron has pockets to tuck little gifts inside.

We love this apple stamp so much we feel the urge to stamp everything in sight...Okay, maybe a few paper gift bags!

To give the apple stamp a finished look Emily stitched around it with country red cotton yarn to match the crocheted apple dishcloths and traced the print with a black Sharpie pen.

I poked holes in the paper first to make it easier for her to practice her sewing.

Absolutely adorable Apple Stamped Gift Bags!

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