Monday, 12 August 2013

Para Cord Flip Flop Makeover

When I asked my youngest daughter if she wanted a flip flop makeover I'm sure she had visions of sparkle and glitz...
After and Before

We modified the para cord flip flop instructions we found on the Michael's Arts & Crafts site to cut an extra 40" of the 550 cord to make the flip flops more "survival-ish" to wear while camping.  

The idea of parachute cord survival accessories is to have cord available in case of an emergency but we are more interested in using it to hang our food high from bears. We simply wove the extra cord instead of melting it in step 6.
We spent approximately 30 minutes sorting out the instructions and about 5 minutes to complete one flip flop.  They look 100% better, the cord is useful and they are quite comfortable to boot...I mean "flip"
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