Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Newspaper Art Apron Craft & More!

by Claire
The other day my older sister, Emily and I made an apple stamp to make aprons to match our crocheted apple dishcloth's.  We are giving them to our new teacher's to welcome them back to school.
Rather then tossing the newspaper we were practising our stamps on in the garbage we recycled them to make disposable newspaper aprons! We can wear them while doing out arts & crafts. 
Newspaper Aprons are easy to make. All you need for supplies is scissor's, newspaper, tape and string.
Step 1 Cut the sides of the newspaper to the shape of an apron.
Step 2 Make holes near the top and half way down for the ties. 
Step 3 Make the holes strong with tape so they won't tear.
Step 4 Tie your string to the holes. 

My sister loves the newspaper aprons and doesn't want to dispose of them so we recycled the newspaper for a second time today and made newspaper gift bags. 
My mom found the instructions to make these adorable bags on Pinterest but they were in another language so we just followed the pictures.
Recycling paper to make stuff is good for the environment and fun!

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