Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Melted Pony Bead Artsy Bowl

Well, we did it! The girl's and I made our first melted pony bead Artsy Bowl this morning. Plus, we were treated to a surprise. 

After following the same melting pony beads steps (in the oven, outside in a toaster oven or on the B.B.Q.) the next 4 steps are simple. 

Step 1 Line tin foil under the cooled melted pony bead suncatcher (we used freezer paper knowing we would have to scrape a few stuck on pieces off because we were out of tinfoil).

Step 2 Place the cooled melted beads and foil on top of a metal container. We used a coke can hoping to make a vase but that didn't quite happen. 

Step 3 
Place the metal container, foil and beads on a drip pan and put on the B.B.Q. for a few minutes. We left it on too long and the melted beads started dripping.  The drippings cooled and formed into perfect shapes for pendants. 

Drip Pendant
Step 4
When the plastic suncatcher starts drooping over your metal container it is ready to take out and bend. The tin is very hot and even with oven mitts my kids were only allowed to watch.  I was a bit nervous not knowing if the pop can was going to explode or if the pony beads would shatter as they cooled down but by the end I was comfortable handling the plastic enough to get a useable shape.

Inside of bowl
Step 5
Peel off the tin foil or in our case freezer paper and enjoy your handcrafted bowl!

 We first saw this idea over at Judy Sturman "In His Grip" .  The kids give it a high five!   

Please feel free to share your projects on our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them. 

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