Saturday, 3 August 2013

40+ Sharpie Older Kid Crafts

Hello! We made a list to share with 40 Sharpie activities we plan to do this summer.

Number one on our list and a favourite by far was to doodle our scooter's.

Make a trendy pendant was second.

We covered scrap booking paper with tinfoil, coloured the circles, punched a hole and strung them.

Third was to create 3D Art. Puffy fish instructions here.

No. 4 Mehndi inspired rocks! We wanted to get some henna stain but thought it best to practice on rocks first. 

No. 5 Black sharpie on painted pebbles! These adorable pebbles were painted for a game. Get the details here.

No. 6 Sharpie on shells works great! Hmmm, can't decide what to draw on the shell necklace...

Fun paint chip bookmarks doodled with a black sharpie! We added some scraps of yarn ends.

No. 8! We used a paper stencil and a black sharpie on a white painted rock.

No 9 was easy and fun. We drew faces on all of our crochet bookworm-bracelet buttons! Free bookworm bracelet pattern here.

No 10 Doodle our bike helmets with a metallic permanent pen. We used a bendable stencil and added a little nail polish art.

 Sharpie and stencils

No 11 Decorate a D.I.Y. Flower Press. We wanted to use permanent markers in case it rains while collecting flowers.

No. 13 Doodled Sunglasses! 

No. 14 Stylin' Sharpie designed Tin Can Stilts

We used Metallic Sharpies for this Slumber Party invite, regular Sharpies for the Craft Stick Dolls above and the clothespin worry doll faces featured below.

  1. Doodle Scooter
  2. Trendy pendant
  3. 3D Art
  4. Mehndi inspired rocks
  5. Rock Game
  6. Shell necklace
  7. Paint chip doodle bookmarks
  8. Stencils
  9. Buttons
  10. Doodle our bike helmets
  11. Decorate a Flower Press
  12. BTS Sharpie Necklace
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Tin Can Stilts
  15. Craft Dolls
  16. Pottery
  17. Tie dye style tank
  18. Sock doodle
  19. Duct tape bracelet
  20. Funky clothing labels
  21. Ziploc lunch bags
  22. Jazzy gift wrap
  23. Decorated paper bags
  24. Canvas belt
  25. Candles
  26. Tom, Ked's or Bob canvas shoes
  27. Cup bake
  28. Gym strip bag
  29. Wax paper stain glass
  30. Toilet paper comics
  31. Ceramic mug
  32. Glasses
  33. Easter eggs
  34. Decorate balloons with animal faces
  35. Band aids
  36. Tea light holders
  37. Doodle nails
  38. Flip flop doodle
  39. Washer necklace
  40. Bread tags
  41. Twist ties
  42. Christmas ornaments
  43. Doodle names on our Ice Skates
  44. Rollerblades
  45. Hula hoop designs!
  46. Wooden hangers
We will be updating this list (in no particular order).  


Our Sharpie supply is running dry and we need to make a trip into town to buy more. In the meantime,  we are having a blast with Duct Tape Crafts.

Feel free to share your projects, photo's and stories on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!

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