Wednesday, 28 August 2013

20+ Fashion Duct Tape Crafts

Today's duct tape craft table brought together younger and older children for some real bust-a-gut laughter and fabulous (bordering on outrageous) imagination. Short of duct taping each other to the wall they came up with some pretty creative "ducktivities".

I set up a table spread with fashion duct tape and various household items and let the kids go nuts!

Jazzy Kazoo's.

To make a Kazoo the kids made a hole an inch from the top and covered it with wax paper fastened with an elastic band.  

Duct tape barrette was made by sticking a piece of duct tape to scrapbook paper and folding it like an accordion. 

The headband was a floral print before the kids wrapped it with cheetah duct tape.

Upcycled bracelet before and after.

Earrings and hair pretties were the most popular to create! For the earrings the kids simply duct taped paper clips, strung them on an earring post and let them dangle.

 Penny "Tap" Flips. Yup, they work great!

Matching headband.

A sweet ring.

Bratz doll bikini, boots, hairband and I think that's a belly ring...!

Boots before and after.

Ooh, a designer flashlight perfect for sleepovers.

Sunglasses made to be comfy yet cool.

Designer fork for school lunches. Nice.

Emily added a darling cheetah heart to her rain coat using a stencil.

Cool zebra print shoes. 

 Flower applique headband and a bracelet 

Claire trying to decide what colour of fashion tape to create with's like a designer workplace in here!

Super cool orange duct taped socks.

Funky taped accessory box. 

Bike helmet sticker.


I love that duct tape is easily ripped eliminating the need for scissors. And, it is offered in so many colours and prints!

More Duct Tape fun...

Feel free to share your duct tape craft projects and photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them!

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