Sunday, 28 July 2013

Handmade Bendaroo's or Wikki Stix

By Claire
D.I.Y. Bendaroo's or Wikki Stix
These wax covered yarn sticky things make us happy!  We use them as learning tools for practising spelling and for crafts.  We make them at home for less then a quarter of the cost of  Bendaroo's or Wikki Stix so mommy loves them too!
The recipe is only four ingredients: 2 bars of Parowax, a toilet bowl ring, crayons, and brightly coloured yarn strands. We happily followed Craft Test Dummies instructions with a few modifications to the colouring:

We melted the toilet bowl ring in a make-shift double boiler outside on the side burner of our B.B.Q. 

We then added two bars of Parowax and stirred until it melted. 

To brighten up the mixture we added a couple of crayons.

 Now you are ready to start dipping your yarn. Tip: we started out with skewers but found tongs were faster. To make them smell good we added vanilla extract.

We are both over 8 years old so my mom lets us help carefully drip off the excess wax.   Next let your strand dry flat on wax paper for a few minutes. 

We like making them ourselves because we get to cut the yarn longer then the store bought stuff.

 This recipe made close to 300 strands! All bundled up and ready for us to play!
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