Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Primp My Ride

 by Emily

My mom wants to make my bike pretty. She saw this photo and was all xcited

It is a bike guard from Holland or somewhere far away designed to protect ladies dresses. I have three things to say about this

#1  I don't do dresses
#2  so glad I prefer rollerblading
#3  two can play at this game

I get my supplies from my mom who is always buying yarn she does not need just because it is cheep or she doesn't read the labels. Last week she bought lavender scented yarn (didn't read) and she hates lavender so it's all mine now muhahaha...

I am going to primp her flying purple people eater.  She needs a steering wheel cover to match her Harley Davidson Sticker don't you think?

I will use this pattern from Original Amanda Crochet site.  Mom is okay with all this but she insists her car be called WILD ORCHID not purple.

Steering Wheel Cover Instructions:
  Ch 18 (check to make sure it’s long enough to go around your wheel)
Row 1 Slst across chain back loops only. Ch1 tightly turn.
Row 2- last Slst across back loops only. Ch1 tightly turn. Repeat till it fits snugly around steering wheel.
Finish. Sew or slip stitch ends together to form circle, then sew or slip stitch sides together around the wheel. Weave in yarn. 

On a brighter note we compromised and decked our ride neon with glow sticks. For safety reasons we could only peddle around the driveway but it's still cool!

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