Tuesday 30 July 2013

Nature Craft Pinch Pots

by Emily

Today we got around to finding and cleaning a fresh supply of creek clay to make pots.  We plan to build with an ancient method of pottery used around the world called "Pinching". 

You will need a handful of air-dry clay or natural clay.   

Make a smooth round ball and stick your thumb in the middle. Pinch the clay with your thumb and fingers all around until you get the shape you want. If the clay cracks wet your fingers and smooth it out. Now you can let your imagination take over and go wherever it goes... big, small, dainty, scary, or wild!

Pinch pots can be built into any shape you want -- animals, masks, toys, cups, and even jewellery. Add some texture with bottle caps or other pointy edges but most importantly have fun!

 Let your "Pinch Creation" dry for a week, decorate it with acrylic paint and give it a glaze.  We use Mod Podge.

Pinch Pendants ready to paint.

Feel free to share your project photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!  

Happy Pinching!

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