Monday, 29 July 2013

Para Cord Crafts for Older Kids

by Emily

A kind neighbour gave us a box of this parachute cord stuff .   Para Cord is a super fun string for making bracelets, necklaces, and flip flops!

We started out with an easy camp bracelet project that would allow mom to keep up with us.

The para cord we used for these camp survival bracelets is the craft grade and would never hold our weight in an emergency. Mom wants the cord for hanging our food in the tree's away from bears at walk-in camp sites and for a clothesline. 

Squamish, B.C.

The idea is to have some cord easily in reach and the bracelets are funky looking.

Instructions we followed for making a camp bracelet from So Crafty

You will need 8 feet of one colour (blue shown here) and 2 feet of the pink cord. Lay them out like in the photo.

Now take the right cord and place it in a backwards "s" shape over the pink. Pick up your left cord and draw it under the bottom loop and pink cod and through the top right loop. Gently pull both blue cords and tighten into a knot.

Next take the left blue cord and make an "s" on top of the pink cord. Pick up the end of the right blue cord and draw it under and through the bottom right loop and bring up through the top left loop. Gently pull the knot tight.

Repeat these two moves back and forth left, right, left, right until you get to the end.

Your bracelet should start looking like mine.  After you get the hang of it these bracelet's can be made in a few minutes but allow yourself some time to master the knot.

The ends of the blue can be tied and weaved back into the bracelet.  The next part is fun but we were only allowed to watch.  With a lighter or a match singe the ends of the cord to seal it so it doesn't fray.  

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