Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kids Summer Reading

It's not easy to get my kids reading during the summer but I know how important it is to keep their literacy skills up! Reader's Theater, Gum, Cooking, and Sand are all some fun ways we have found to do this.
Reader's Theater is a strategy for developing reading fluency. It involves children reading out loud parts in a script. Their is no memorization. The story is brought to life through expression in their voices.  Reader's Theater doesn't require props but I like to give the children a hat, a nose, or some face paint etc. to help them get into their roles . Great indoor/outdoor activity.
 The Three Little Pigs
Where The Wild Things Are
Reader's Theater free scripts: 
Paperclip Bookmarks

 Bookmarks seem to help get my kids reading. If they craft it themselves even better results!
Courtesy of: 30 Handmade Days

Lately we have had some housekeeping and gum issues.  We found this neat gumball (sugarless of course) reading timer from Thirty Handmade Days an excellent way to manage the little problem and get the kids reading!
Cooking can be fun.  My kids are not clued in that they are  learning while reading recipes.  To date the girls can make spaghetti octopus dogs, pancakes, eggs, cookies, grilled cheese, and shepherd's pie all by themselves!

"Yo You Capeesh It's a Cookbook" by Darlene Cozart is the perfect summer read.  My oldest daughter has read it several times and it has never failed to bring laughter.  A wild journey filled with lots of masterpieces when this cookbook comes to life. This book can be purchased at Chapters ISBN: 9781432782795.


Matsqui, British Columbia
Writing in the sand is a great way to practise letters and spelling words. We never hear any grumbling.

A Book & Craft Series

Matching crafts to books has helped my children with their comprehension. Try the Ferdinand craft here.

Please feel free to add some of your own success stories in the post comments or  share your projects and photo's on our Facebook Page.  We would sure love to see them!

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