Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dragonfly Days

My daughter has a passion for creepy crawly things and likes to catch predators and pollinators every chance she can get. She didn't get this from me, however, we do share a fascination with dragonfly's.  

Catching Dragonflies in Birch Bay

Dragonflies are quick little devil's and very hard to catch. But when you do here's a few observation hints: 
  • Place the bug gently on ice to slow it down. 
  • Snap photo's and check out the beauty of the insect.  
  • Place the dragonfly in the sun to warm back up and fly free. 

In harmony with our summer re-purposing we have come across this dragonfly print dress that no longer fits me.  We plan to cut it up to make a sundress for my oldest daughter who surprisingly equals me in height.  Our plan is to cut the sleeves tank style with braided straps for a no sew project.

While gathering up the necessary materials to do this my girls are crafting dragonflies out of coffee filters and natural materials found in our backyard.


Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

Have a beautiful day!

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