Thursday, 19 December 2013

Minecraft Crochet Last Minute Gift

If you have a Minecraft game fan in the house then these two adorable Minecraft crochet toys would definitely be a huge hit (for all ages)! 

Both the Creeper and the Ghast stitched up quickly within a couple of hours.  There's still five days left until Chritmas! Head over to Pleasant Plushies one skein at a time and take advantage of her generous free Ghast pattern.

 To make the Creeper I combined a few patterns online to crochet a few cotton squares and sewed them all together.  I stuffed the toys with poly fill and weighted them down with a small sack of washable beads.  

Creepin' around the Christmas Tree...

Have a Happy Holiday Everyone !!!.

Coming soon: Mindcraft Snow Golem's!

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