Sunday, 27 September 2015

Animal Crochet Pattern Kit

Animal Crochet Pattern Kit

These cute stuffed animals were handmade with crochet or "Amigurumi" (the Japanese art of crafting stuffed crochet or knit toys that are usually made into animals, dolls and inanimate objects).  We purchased a kit.

The kit included a 12 pattern book, one size 4 crochet hook, yarn materials and safety eyes for two animals and instructions. The patterns proved to be a little advanced for my daughter although they were easy to follow instructions she is still practicing so I decided to make them for her as a birthday gift.

We used an alternative to the yarn replacing it with a lovely chamomile scented cotton by Bernat.

As the kit only includes safety eyes for two animals we made a special trip to an arts and crafts store for more.  These were difficult to find and we might consider ordering them online for future projects.

At the end of the day I think the kit was worth the amount of inspiration we got out of it and our cat thinks so too!

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