Thursday, 3 October 2013

3-D Rock Craft Rangoli

These 3 dimensional rocks were inspired by Rangoli Colouring Pages

 My children were looking forward to trying their hand at making a traditional Rangoli design on our front step to welcome their grandparents last weekend. We were out of rice and and chose to dye salt as an alternative.  Coloured chalk or chalk + sand works as well.

Photo compliments of Kids World Citizen.

 I knew my kids would be heartbroken when it came time to sweep the design away (not to mention the rainy wind storm that hit hard that night) so we glued their design to rocks and set them on the entrance steps. 

To dye the salt (same process for rice) we used a plastic storage bag and food colouring.  If you really wanted to you could experiment with natural dyes such as blueberries, raspberries, cocoa, and plants etc.

Add a few drops of food colouring.

Squish the salt around in the sealed bag until the colour is even.

My youngest daughter is a glitter-girl and added some sparkle.

The dyed salt was left alone to dry in open bags for half a day. We tried using it sooner and our fingers were rainbow. 

My girls drew their Rangoli designs on clean dry river rocks with a paint marker.  Glue was swabbed  on and a pinch of the dyed salt was sprinkled over the glue.   The rocks were then gently turned upside down to shake the excess salt off.  

3-D Rock drying on a shelf for a day or until the glue is hardened.

Tiny decorative metal marbles worked fabulously when we ran out of salt.

My daughter loves her Rangoli inspired rocks to pieces and keeps them close to her in her special Fairy Sensory Tin.  

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