Friday, 4 October 2013

Madeline Holiday Love

While routing through our dress up bin for Halloween stuff we came across an old Madeline Costume. I'm surprised it is still in one piece -- my daughter wore it everyday for six months!

Tired lil' trick-or-treater!
 Uh huh, we had a Madeline Halloween... 

A Madeline Birthday...

Our "Hat Cake" was made easy peasy by placing one smaller cake on top of a larger one and completely covering it with yellow icing.  A red fruit roll up made a yummy bow.  Fondant icing would be a nice touch on this cake but at the time I had never heard of it.  


Little Delights Cakes provides excellent D.I.Y. instructions. If you really want to go all out Craftsy offers "Wilton Method" Fondant online classes or you can let your youngest help like I did (it tasted much better then it looked).

The room was decorated with red and blue streamers and helium balloons.

Madeline foil balloons were ordered online.  

My daughter's very simple Madeline birthday party was a smashing hit! 

  • Everyone giggled through musical chairs to an old house in Paris wind up music box that played a Madeline tune from the video's. 
  • Madeline colouring pages were spread out on a card table. 
  • A reading corner with beanbags and pillows was set up with all of the Madeline books spread about.
  • Madeline DVD's were played after the cake with popcorn and treats.  
  • Afterwards everyone walked around practicing their french.

Genevieve is never very far away from Claire.

And last but not least a Madeline Christmas...

Madeline Stockings D.I.Y. style were made at the last minute on Christmas Eve by cutting out shapes from brown, black, cream, white, red, blue and yellow felt.  I arranged them on the stocking and got out the hot glue.  

Madeline Stocking close up. 

 Both of my children wore their Madeline dress up costumes on Christmas Day.

There's the little tin musical wind up box!

Deluxe Madeline costumes can be ordered online. You can also purchase one used on eBay. Kidspot has some really great ideas for a D.I.Y. Madeline dress.

We are re purposing one of the costumes to make tiny Madeline clothespin dolls inspired by Sew Crafty Mama --can't wait! 

 Feel free to share your project's on our Facebook Page.  We would love to see them!

Au revoir! 

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