Monday 14 October 2013

Chalkboard Paint Door Hanger D.I.Y.

"Shh, I'm counting" is a phrase that can be heard at least once a day in our house. We found it printed on a hat but not being much of a hat person I asked my crafty daughter to make a door hanger sign.

The wooden door hanger was purchased at our local dollar store.  It was then covered with a couple of coats of black chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint is sold  in several different colours or you can even try making it yourself! "A Beautiful Mess" provides step-by-step photo's and instructions for making acrylic chalkboard paint.

I love how the signs are rewrite-able.  Here is a good collection of possible phrases for the signs: 

Bedroom Door:
Shh! I'm doing my homework
Emily's Room
Shh! Baby Asleep
Please Do Not Disturb
No Boys Allowed!

Front Door:
Sorry! We Can't Play Now
Back in 5 minutes
Halloween: Out of Treats
Happy Fall Y'All

The hangers can be simple or glamoured up with glitter and gems. We plan to tie a piece of chalk with a ribbon to the hole at the top.

Happy chalking!

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