Thursday, 12 September 2013

Russian Coiled Paper Craft

Coiled Paper Garland
Can you believe this pretty garland was made out of scrapbooking paper? Save your scraps or recycle a pile of magazines and try this easy (but not quick) method of coiling paper to make beautiful Russian inspired paper crafts. 
For supplies you will need paper (magazine, newspaper, corrugated paper, saved up scrapbooking scraps) a glue gun, lots of glue sticks and scissors. I didn't have any corrugated paper.  Instead I used designer scissors to give sheets of double sided scrapbooking scraps rough edges.
The roses are made with 4 easy steps: 
Step 1 Draw a spiral.
Step 2 Cut along the lines (wavy or straight).
Step 3 Roll the strip up tight and relax it a wee bit
Step 4 Hot glue the bottom to hold the flower together.
Gorgeous paper flowers!

The ornaments are crafted by coiling strips of colour coordinated paper and gluing them together in shapes.


Please feel free to share photo's of your paper projects on our Facebook Page. We would love to see them.

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