Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kids Crocheting Soap on a Rope

We ground down some of our handmade soap and put it on a crocheted rope (hotel soaps and saved up soap slivers work too).  This activity was easy enough for my kids to do and messy enough to keep them engaged.  It's the cleanest their nails have been all summer!
Supplies - grated soap or 2 cups of flakes, distilled water if you have it or tap, crocheted rope chain (my daughter chained double strand 100 with a 6 mm hook).
Step 1. Finely grate a bar of handmade or store bought soap. 
Handmade pantry soap in 3 easy steps instructions.
Step 2. Add a tsp. of water.
Step 3. Mold the soap flake mixture into a shape.

Step 4. Stick a skewer half way into the center of the soap ball to make a hole.

Step 6. Shove the knotted end of the crocheted rope into the hole.  Stuff it with the skewer if needed. 

Step 7. When the soap is dry (approx. 24 hours) it is ready to use.
We were too excited!
Great little gift to tuck into our Spa  baskets.
 We crocheted the rope to coordinate with the cloths.  Mmhmm, we are getting better at this! 

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