Tuesday, 3 September 2013

String Ball Halloween Ornament D.I.Y.

Yesterday we went nuts literally making a bunch of string balls for Halloween and Christmas!
We combined many tutorials off the internet and went with what worked or failed the first time around.  After the initial learning curve we relaxed and had some messy fun.
Grab lots of newspaper, mod podge, water, a bowl, a balloon (we found metallic balloons easier to peel off at the end), yarn and Vaseline.

We covered a balloon with Vaseline (very important or the balloon will stick to the yarn) and strung it up to work on.
We soaked the yarn in watered down mod podge 1:1 ratio.
Now is a good time to lay out a layer of newspaper to catch drips.

We squeezed the excess liquid from the yarn and wrapped it  around the balloon.  Anxious to get started we forgot to do "The Squeeze" the first time and the yarn sagged right off of the balloon.  The second time was much better.

Let dry overnight.
Next time we will dry the balls indoors to keep the wasps from busting the balloons!

Most of our string balls survived the night. We saved the collapsed balls by blowing up a new balloon inside and gently stretching the yarn back into place.  We used tweezers to pick off the film of stuck glue pieces.

Ta da! A new home for the kids glow-in-the-dark spider.
Good luck with your string balls!

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