Friday, 6 September 2013

Mason Jar Lid Frame Craft

Mason Jar Lid Frames are cheap, easy to find and a super fun craft for boys and girls to do together. 

For supplies the kids needed a mason jar lid, hot glue, assorted hardware bits and bolts, a pencil and scissors.  ** Due to the hot glue and sharp tools constant supervision was required for this activity. 
Step 1: Trace around the lid on a photo or a drawing.

Step 2: Cut and paste the picture inside the top of the lid.

Step 3: Glue or hammer tools on the outside rim of the lid.  We added ribbon (optional).

Adorable finished Mason Jar Frames for the wall or as ornaments for the Christmas tree! We plan to try flowers, fabric, felt and lace on the lids next. 
More creations from the kids tool craft table!  Amazing what kids can make with glue, some hardware and a little imagination! 

...a visit from a famous singer, oh my!
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