Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Duct Tape Craft Stick Doll Invites

After having so much fun crafting Clothespin Dolls my daughter wanted to make a bunch of craft stick dolls to resemble her friends and give them out as birthday party invitations.   

Fashion duct tape definitely made for some super cool outfits and stick on gems added blitz.

We cut up a polka dot fleece scarf neither of the girls would ever wear to make sleeping bags and glued them to the front of scrapbook paper. Good old metallic sharpie pens took care of the rest. The R.S.V.P., address, date and time were written on the back of the invites. 

Claire with curly hair.

My girls were entertained for a few hours with just the outfits never mind the finished dolls.  Plus, the invitations can be checked off my "To Do" list!

Coming soon...
Fairy Acorn Clothespin Dolls


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